What makes the Perfect University Candidate?

What makes the Perfect University Candidate?

A lengthy list of top qualifications alone no longer make-up the supreme university candidate; but fuse these with a broad-mind, ambition and a thirst for adventure and your university application can paint the perfect picture for admissions tutors.

Sealing a place at a top university simply by getting those ace grades at college has become a thing of the past. Great grades are vital to any successful university application, but with competition for places more fierce than ever your CV needs to offer something special. It has to prove that you're different from the rest; a well-rounded, developed and seasoned soul.

That’s all easily said, but how can I prove to an admissions tutor that I'm the ideal applicant? Having tried, tweaked and done it ourselves, take a look at our infographic with our four finest tips for making you the perfect university candidate. 

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