Busted: The Top 10 Myths of Studying Abroad

Busted: The Top 10 Myths of Studying Abroad

We’ve been surrounded by myths since childhood. Do carrots really help us see in the dark? Does chewing gum really take 7 years to digest? Will my eyes actually go square if I watch too much television? These are all serious questions, but perhaps ones for us to come back to…  
We’re here to bust some slightly different myths; those of studying abroad. We all have the desire to travel, but having the confidence to get-up-and-go can be often hindered by an unwelcome gang of worries.
We’re here to deflate some of these wicked little thoughts that tend to stop students, and possibly you, from studying abroad. 

Myth #1: It’s Too Expensive to Study Abroad

In the past study-abroad programmes have been notorious for charging big money, but with more and more popping up globally, programme prices have become pretty modest. Costs tend to vary depending on location, length of stay and the organization running the course. Whatever your budget, we guarantee there’s the perfect course out there for you.

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