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Module 3: International Trade and Economic Systems

This module provides an introduction to international trade and economic systems.

Students will examine the interaction of different systems of power and international regulation.

This module will consider:

  • globalisation
  • international economic systems
  • World trade and regulation
  • international organizations such as the World Bank, WTO, IMF, ADB. Microbanks and cooperatives
  • Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) - ethical banking and investment
  • world debt and poverty
  • the work of Jubilee 2000 and the international debt campaigns

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module students will:

  • gain a basic understanding of international monetary and economic systems
  • develop an awareness of the dynamics of world trade and international agreements
  • become aware of different types of trade and economic systems within the context of globalisation and how to analyse their implications
  • gain an awareness of regional systems such as the EU, AU, and ASEAN
  • be aware of the work of a range of relevant international organizations


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