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Module 4: Education & National Development

This module explores the relationships between education and various forms of national development - economic, social and political.
It aims to look at three perspectives of education:

(a) the assumption that formal education improves society and the quality of life of the individual.

(b) that formal education can contribute to harming society and individuals.

(c) that formal education actually reproduces existing society and its attendant inequalities.

The module uses examples from a wide range of countries and students will be asked to reflect on their own educational experiences.

These ideas are examined from a number of perspectives:

  • what is education for?
  • what is development?
  • how does education relate to development?
  • education as investment (human capital theory)
  • school, work and inequality (reproduction theory)
  • education and modernisation
  • education, gender and development
  • education and pluralism
  • Citizenship Education 1: The Political Nature of Education

Students will develop skills of critical analysis, discussion and the ability to contextualise debates on education and development to their own countries.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module students will:

  • have identified their current position on the purposes of education in a society
  • be aware of different definitions of 'development' in a society
  • be aware of the different models relating education to development (or constraints to development)
  • have an understanding of key areas of inequality and difference in a society, such as ethnicity or gender, and the relationship of education to these
  • be aware of different models and aims of citizenship and civics education
  • have developed ideas about the role of education, both formal and informal, in addressing social challenges such as HIV/AIDS, crime and drugs

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