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Module 5: Peace, Violence and Conflict

This module examines the origins of conflict and violence, analyses reasons for conflict and peace and explores techniques for conflict resolution and nonviolence.
It therefore attempts to develop skills and understanding that would enable a positive approach to conflict and change with peaceful means - that is, using conflict in a way that will lead to change for improvement rather than for increasing aggression or violence.

It will critically explore the various ideas used in peace education in different international contexts.

The module will cover:

  • concepts of conflict, peace, war and violence, and the distinction between positive and negative conflict
  • the range of interpersonal, community, national and international conflict
  • conflict analysis and mapping, techniques for understanding the spread of conflict
  • conflict resolution techniques - negotiation, decision making, consensus-seeking, mediation and arbitration
  • Basic concepts and techniques of nonviolence
  • the link between religion, ethnicity, gender and conflict, conflicts of interest, conflicts of needs and values, capital versus environmental rights, how conflict is portrayed in the media, the role of young people in anti or pro-war demonstration or activism

The module uses a range of experiences to tackle these issues: drama, simulations, case studies, encounters, exercises, discussion and debates between protagonists.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module students will:

  • have an understanding of key concepts of peace and conflict, and be able to distinguish positive and negative conflict
  • have an understanding of the roots of conflict at interpersonal, community, national and international levels
  • have practised techniques of conflict analysis and mapping
  • have practised a range of conflict resolution and nonoviolence techniques
  • have identified the role of young people in activism for peace or conflict
  • Enhanced ability to intervene in conflict both practically and strategically

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