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Module 6: Citizenship

Citizenship requires the active participation of individuals in their communities, at national and at international levels. Citizenship education aims to ensure an open and fair society.

Students will examine a number of topics including:

  • key concepts in citizenship, including knowledge, values and skills; democracy and participation;
  • the relationships between individuals, community and society
  • who counts as a citizen? Issues of democracy, identity, migration, nationalism, refugees and asylum seekers, minors
  • the legal and moral responsibilities of citizenship
  • what is global citizenship?

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module students will:

  • be aware of different models of citizenship, struggles for citizenship status, key concepts
  • be aware of a range of contemporary issues and international examples with regard to citizenship, for example concerning multiculturalism, nationalism and globalisation
  • have begun to outline their own personal roles and responsibilities as a citizen

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