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Module 9: Project Planning

The Transition module gives students the opportunity to reflect upon the work already covered and the relevance of that work to their living and working environments in their home country.

This module is a time when students gain advice and draw together the final phase of the CIC programme, Experience (work-based research opportunities) for their personal community project plan or research topic which is a requirement of the course.

This is also the time to take specific academic advice on progression paths from the course to further education or employment.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module students will:


  • have completed a personal project plan
  • be able to articulate the relevance of the taught programme so far to the conditions and circumstances in their own locality and/or region
  • be able to express ideas on how citizenship principles might be applied in those areas through their own endeavour in leading others
  • be well prepared to undertake project placements, further educational courses or employment 

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